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The connection of everything. How?


What if it was possible to use the wired, resident, copper cabling to connect to everything using electricity?  What if there was the ability to use this backbone to manage energy, building maintainence, access rooms, understand how we work, and more without refitting cables, running out of options, adding more RF and Wifi connectivity?  What would it give you?  Is this something that Cisco is thinking about?

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Charles Hill
Rising star
Rising star

 I started my career with a telco and they warned us 25 years ago that the electrical companies could use their existing infrastructure to provide dial tone.  If the telcos were thinking about 25 years ago, I'm sure Cisco has thought about it today.

i haven't heard that, only making an assumption.

There are several offers on the table for various applications. I am aware of some of them. But there is no solution that is available today for the IOT at plug in and switch on.  What is needed for wall, floor and ceiling connectivity using the existing copper infrastructure is a low bandwidth physics savy technology for command and control. I don't see an offer from Cisco of this type.

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