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Using T1 WIC with Drop and insert. Correct application??

I am crossing a couple of platforms and technologies, and I want to understand if I can make something work. Traditionally, in Telecom and more specifically 2-way radio systems, we use a MUX'ing device that takes the individual timeslots (DS0's) and mux them up to a T1/DS1. Well, it's the 21st century, and we want to start moving forward to the IP Systems, as they offer some great features.

So here's my scenario and question. I have 4 sites that all connect in a SPUR type of configuration. Full T1 goes to site A, drops 6 ds0's, then passes the remaining 18 ds0's onto site B. Site B keeps 6 DS0's, and passes the remaining 12 onto 2 other site that spur from it. Can I do this with voice grade, Drop and Insert versions of the T1 WIC?

Here is a picture of what i'm trying to achieve.

MPT-IP using only routers-1.png

Thoughts, ideas, comments or anything else that may help me would be appreciated!!

And thatnk you in advance...


Also, if there is another application/device that will do this, please let me know as well. Our thoughts or hopes were to use either a 2800 series router or possibly a CGR Series.

The best approach would be that you engage a reputable consultant, or UC certified Cisco partner.

Designing and implementing LMR systems is not easy, an the details of doing that are largely ouside the scopt of a mostly practical user forum like this.

While I appreciate the pitch for a cusultants pocket, I want to know if it is possible. I'm not asking for someone to do a config. I'm asking if this scenario is possible, before I go and as our folks to make it happen.

Thank you.

Yes, it's possible. However, it is more efficient, simpler and economical, to full VoIP rather than drop and insert.

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