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Webex Servicability Node and Expressway Connection


The instructions on getting the two connected are rather straight forward.  I have followed them and have tried both TLS and Non-Tls connections with the same 'timed out' error.  Has anybody gotten this to work?   


I dont see any blocks in our log aggregator at all from the firewalls.  I have seen in a packet capture with TLS that there is certificate exchange and that there is encrypted message passing which I can't read for obvious reasons.


The other method of putting Expressway into the Cloud is via the ECP mechanism built onto it which I am trying to use the Serviceability node for instead.  There are upcoming feature enhancements that would be useful which is why I want to get this working.


TAC hasn't been the most helpful despite providing the PCAP.  This is a newer product and there isn't a lot of details out there around troubleshooting.

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I wanted to provide an update.  Cisco TAC after looking at my packet captures setup attempted to replicate my problem.  They did.  There is a bug/flaw in the connection between the webex serviceability connector and expressways.  This would impact secure or unsecure connectivity.  They are looking at this and are going to get back to me on this as they engage in more discovery of the issue.


The goal here is really to connect UC, Expressways, and Cube all together to see if it can give more end to end tracing within the troubleshooting tool in Cloud Connected UC.  This could be a huge improvement in the speed of resolving an issue with a call and while it works with UCM currently having the other pieces integrated could provide a much better overall view.  Stay tuned.

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