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what is needed for development?

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Can someone point me to what API's and hardware and middleware I need to develop applications?

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I'll assume you're targeting IP Phone Services to begin with. The Cisco Developer Support Program (see below) also covers things like the TAPI/JTAPI and AXL/SOAP interfaces, etc.

You'll want the IP Phone Services SDK, available from Cisco's Developer Support Program.

This page describes the IP Phone SDK:

This page describes the Cisco Developer Support Program:

Here is a link that describes many of the various XML tags:

This link provides more information on the XML tags:

Here's a recent forum discussion on the topic:;jsessionid=nfs0immvp1.SJ1B?page=netprof&CommCmd=MB%3Fcmd%3Ddisplay_location%26location%3D.1dd5e978

And here's a book that covers IP Phone development. It's a bit old, but is still relevant:

Developing Cisco IP Phone Services: A Cisco AVVID Solution

There's a start!

Thanks, exactly what I was looking for....

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Check out for an awesome new phone services development environment.

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When I installed the SDK , and start to implement the ASP applicatiosn like ( Clock ,logo , calaender ..etc ) I got a username and password .. which i dont what are they for !!!!???

Could you please help me in that !!

Check that the virtual directory you're running it under has anonymous access turned on:

Launch Internet Services Manager.

Browse to the Virtual Directory and choose to show properties.

Select the 'Directory Security' tab.

Click the 'Edit...' button in 'Anonymous access...'

Ensure the 'Anonymous Access' box is ticked and that the username and password are valid.

Hope this helps.

Okay , thats works

but now the IP Phone shows the asp codes which I cannot under stand ..why that happened .

Could you please help

What message are you getting? What version of IIS is hosting the services?

Also note that some of the sample services provided with the SDK must be customized for your location. Open the .asp page in a text editor and read through the notes at the top of the application.

Simple applications like calendar or clock should work without modification though.

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Level 1

Okay , thats works

but now the IP Phone shows the asp codes which I cannot under stand ..why that happened .

Could you please help

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IIS version is 5.1

SDK version is 3.3

The message appear on my 7940 IP Phone after cliking the clock service :-

"..W32.DTD HTML 3.3

Final EN>


and many lines like that

I tried to find where this code foudn in the clock directory , but I fail

I think that may be the 7940 firmware couldnt interpret the asp code !!

I dont know ..

Any advices

Load the asp page in a webbrowser, that way you get the full error message in an easily readable format. If it doesn't tell you anything, post the message here.

I browse both the calender and clock asp services and i atatched the service with error found in the browser .

Thanks in advance

actually it looks like you're not getting any errors. The XML syntax is valid. Does your browser render this as XML with all the idents, colors and such?

It looks to me like your phone doesn't realize it's getting an XML document. What if put screenshot.xml (from your clock.asp.rar) onto your webserver and access that document from a phone? Does that yield a useable result?

When I run this XML files using the brower , it doesnt get a normal web page , but it get a coded one .but with colors..bold text..etc

I think you can run the file by yourself to check this .

Really I dontknow what iam missing !!!

at least we've established now that there's no apparent problem with your webserver. Can you set up a network sniffer and dump the plaintext exchange (in human readable form) between your phone and webserver? Also, can you post the important parts of the error message you get on the phone (what you posted doesn't really tell us anything.. the real good stuff usually comes close at the bottom of the page the phone displays).