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Sascha Monteiro
Frequent Contributor

when is uc 9 NFR orderable?

it's not in marketplace yet :-(

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You'll find more information about the UC 9.0 Patner Bundle Offer here:

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community


It's available now.  You have to order it through the Cisco Marketplace.  I ordered mine last week for edelivery.


not to side track the subject, I think we have answered the question here ;-)

But could you confirm a few things (Since you have ordered the media - via e delivery)

I have seen many posts that some of the Media is Corrupted (I beleive the DVD Media) , I am not sure about the Downloadable versions, could you confirm if your Media is intact ?

Also I had posted a question earlier today at a different Discussion about CAD & Finesse Licensing. The 9.0 NFR notes show/state the following; 

"Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 9.0 Includes software media kit for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted, Cisco Unified Information Center 8.6, Cisco SocialMiner and Cisco Finesse; No license keys required"

in the 8.5 NFR Kit there were NO CAD License for UCC-Enterprise, Since you already purchased the 9.0 Kit could you let us know what elements had a PAK ? and if possible could you elaborate on the statement of "No License keys required" for Cisco Agent Desktop or UCCE ?

I havent ordered mine yet, but I was curious since I was a little disaapointed on 8.5 not containing any CAD licenses for UCCE.

Thanks in Advance,


I haven't installed all of the software yet, so I don't know if all of the media is corrupted. I guess worse case I would go to CCO and download it because I have entitlements (via smartnet, UCSS/ESW). I will say that the edelivery is poor at best. They only give you 7 days to download and most kept failing and some wouldn't start because they MD hash wasn't right, but if you keep trying it would. I'm not sure about all of the licensing. It does appear that some is missing but I have never used UCCE so I don't know if their is a license for CAD for that. I know of CCX you don't get a CAD license...I don't know if that helps or not. If I were you I would do the physical delivery because even with the edelivery they charged me $13 for shipping (explain that). I'm hoping that one day a package with the media will show up.


Yeah not really sure If i get the point of seperating eDelivery and Physical Media if they are the same price

Thanks for the feedback, I am trying to make sure I had CAD and finesse and I need to set up a Lab that has both. The verbaige on Cisco's site does not help any about CAD Licenses. It say's no license Keys required. It is hard for me to beleive there are no Licenses involved, I have a 8.5 Lab that suffers because of CAD Licensing. I was hoping to see if Cisco would alleviate the CAD license problem. They should have atleast provide a 2 seat CAD license that would allow us to Demo UCCE effectively ...

Thanks again for the response and have fun with the Media


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