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Data Center Network Design options LAYER 2 CORE vs LAYER 3 CORE

Dears,I am designing the Datacenter Network using below details;1: Nexus 7K as Core2: Nexus 5K, N2K for Data Center Servers3: 6513 as Core for Users Layer4: Multiple layers of Firewalls + IPS (Internet, WAN, Data Center)5: Data Center Firewall is Fir...

Advice for job growth Cisco partner company for Pre Sales engineer

Hi All,I got a job in one of the cisco  partner companies for Pre sales engineering Profile .I am currently in network troubleshooting support i.e. IT Operations .Please suggest whether this Pre sales profile is good to go .I have searched and is wel...

Cisco 871W

After I upgrade my IOS, its throwing now an error "Error : compressed image checksum is incorrect 0x4B3A9956".  I know I can recover from thiscrash through tftp by uploading IOS but the problem I'm having now is the router is not accepting break sign...