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We have this network upgrade plan and would greatly appreciate your valuable input.Our current network setup consists of the following switches, all connected via 1GB Fiber links:- Cisco C3560G as the Core Switch- 10 Cisco C2960X Access SwitchesWe've...

We're planning to upgrade our network, and we'd love to have your input.Management has changed their mind with phases upgrade.Currently, our network includes a Core Switch (Cisco C3560G) and 10 Access Switches (Cisco C2960X), all connected through 1G...

Hello mates, I have a situation where the customer has two VLANs running on the same physical interface, and we need to implement a shared rate limit -lets say 1 Gbps- for both VLANs. This will ensure that the combined traffic from both VLANs does no...

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