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ISR4431/K9 %IOSXE_QFP-2-LOAD_EXCEED: Slot: 0, QFP:0, Load 90% exceeds

Hi AllI have cisco ISR4431/K9 router logs below. what is cause root for the following notifications?024719: Nov 7 09:42:23: %IOSXE_QFP-2-LOAD_RECOVER: Slot: 0, QFP:0, Load 29% recovered.024720: Nov 7 09:42:38: %IOSXE_QFP-2-LOAD_EXCEED: Slot: 0, QFP:0...

Tunnels flap when ip pim sparse-dense-mode is enabled for VXLAN

I have a link between 3 sites Love lane, Oxhey and Choking. The when the overlay of tunnels are enabled between Oxhey and Love lane they flap when ip pim sparse-dense-mode is enabled for VXlan, BGP is the protocol used for the underlay between the si...

Resolved! DHCP Issue

Hello Goodnight I am here trying to configure a DHCP server but I have an issue which it only gives some of my PCs ip address and the others is not assigned see packet tracer file below.  I uploaded the wrong packet tracer file. This is the correctio...


I just want to share my knowledge i learned about it yesterday , When we see mac address table on switch we will see almost 20 mac address static, most people like me don't know What do the following mac addresses refer to, and here i found answer.ma...

Parvin by Participant
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Resolved! DHCP ISSUE

Hello good day I am trying to configure dhcp with 3 routers I configured the DHCP pool on the main router and established the helpwer addresses on the other two routers but I still am not receiving dhcp on the computers could you please help or expla...

ICMP Redirect

Hi, Im new to cisco and Im trying to set the default gateway from router, so the ICMP packages can be redirected. From the following image:I want Router 1 to set Router 2 as G.W.How do I configure Router 1's gateway?

Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-01 a las 19.45.27.png
ear64 by Beginner
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Asynchronous Ports

Hi All,We are currently attempting to an Async Server via a remote unit talking to the AS via configured ports , through a patch panel.  The remote unit has DB9 ports which would connect to the patch panel which in turn connects to the AS remote unit...

dans85 by Beginner
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