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Is Network Engineer same with Implementation Engineer and LifeCycle Engineer?




I am checking online how to move up from NOC to Configuring Network. My question is, is Network Engineer same with Implementation Engineer and LifeCycle Engineer?


There are description online and the responsibilities are all sound the same.



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It all depends on the organisation, how they give the role name and job specification.

There may be slight difference between each acronym, But Technically not much worried i guess, As long as  JD have clear roles and responsibility.





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Leo Laohoo
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Job titles are just it. Titles.
The meat is to look at what the role of the job is (i.e. what are the daily tasks & responsibilities), what experience(s) are mandatory/required/preferred.
We had someone who worked for us and his resume said something about "network engineering". When we asked him what his daily tasks are his response was something in the lines of "we get the order from the NOC and I just cut-and-paste the configuration into the router". That's it.

Thank you

Joseph W. Doherty
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In addition to what the other posters have noted, in large companies, titles are often tied to pay grades and what two, same title, "network engineers", at the same level, might be actually doing can vary much.

As also noted by the others, the job's description may help, but it's often not 100% accurate either. If you obtain an interview, you can ask more about what a particular job entails.
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