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PPPoE Passthrough Cisco 800 Series Router

Hi all,


I have a Cisco 886 Router where I have a connection to the Internet through the vdsl port and site site to site vpn with other branches Vlan 1 with internal IPs and everything is working fine.

Before I connect the Cisco Router directly to the RJ-11 cable from the provider I had the ISPs Router which gave me Internet and the analogue phones were connected directly to the Router.

Now in order for the analogue Phones to work the provider told me to connect the Fast Ethernet of the Cisco Router to the Ethernet of the ISPs Router like this and configure it as PPPoE Passthrough.

Internet <===> Cisco Router VDSL Interface <===> Fast Ethernet of Cisco Router <===> Ethernet of ISPs Router <===> Analogue Phones on RJ-11 ports of ISPs Router 


Can someone help me with the configuration without breaking the site to site vpn and continue having the Fast Ethernet of the Cisco Router work as expected?

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