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Archive Time not in Sync with Server Time

Kim Armstead
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Where exactly does the time that is stamped on an archive video come from? 

I have 2 problems with archive video time stamps being different from the  server time. 

In one case, the archive shows to be current based on last frame time (Servers -> Archives tab) and the red bar displayed in the archive frame, but a search of the archive using that time shows a video recorded 6 hours earlier (based on the black bar displayed in the archive frame).


The second case is actually showing the current video feed being recorded (based on the live feed and the red bar in the archive frame), however the time is 1 hour in the future (based on the black bar in the archive frame).


In all cases the time on the server is the current time and is sourced from an NTP server.  What is the source of the archiver time stamp?  How does the archive video get out of sync?? What can be done to correct the time stamps and the out of sync condition with the archive video??? 

This issue isn't affecting all servers. The archives that are affected are all on separate servers.

Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.



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Date archive using the date from the server. But Date and Hwclock can be different.

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Sergey Muravjev
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Are you trying to sync hwclock and data on linux server?

hwclock --systohc

Via ssh run to check: hwclock;date

What is the relationship between hwclock, the server time and the archiver time?  Would syncing hwclock and data fix the archive out of sync problem??



Date archive using the date from the server. But Date and Hwclock can be different.

Sergey, if my media server is pointing to (and using the time from) an ntp server, does the hwclock value matter??  If so, how?? 



Thank you so much Sergey!!  This fixed my problem!! 

We are running Suse Linux 9.

I used the following command to check the date:

# /sbin/hwclock --show;date

This command displayed 2 different time stamps.  Sorry, I didn't screen print. Then I synced the 2 dates....

I used the following command to sync the dates:

# /sbin/hwclock --systohc

Then I used the first command to check that the 2 timestamps were the same.

The time is correct on both the live feeds and the archive.  Thank you all for your help!!

Jason Rossi
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Level 1

It sounds like the server is pointed at the NTP server, but the camera itself is not. The time stamp in the black bar comes from the camera. Log into the camera, under setup>video there is a checkbox to enable to camera to display the cameras  date/time in the video, and/or camera name. On the root setup page you can point the camera at the NTP server.

Jason, Do you know if it is possible to default all the cameras to the NTP server without having to log on to each one individually?  There are several hundred cameras and only 1 me.

I will definitely check to see where the cameras are getting their time from.

Thank you for your answer!!


Nope, it's unfortunatley not pushed to the camera from the VMS. Has to be set manually at each camera. But you might get lucky, maybe it is already set but the NTP server is unreachable from the camera vlan (had that happen to me once, simply changing the ACL fixed it globally).