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VSM 7.0 - Client Errors

Vance Krier
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Hey Guys,

I've run into a problem with one client accessing a VSOM 7.0 server.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and am not really getting a useful error.

When launching the web client, it properly requests to install the client and everything appears to install properly.  The user has local admin rights, even tried as local administrator.  After the client is installed, the 'view' never fully initializes and I get a generic 'Error' popup.  If I right-click to close, it shows it is the GUISettingsMgr.exe process.

If I then try to create or select a view, I get a different error:

Invalid parameter: No view is created.  MPClientXML view description pointer is null in updateView. 

I tried to insert the screen caps, but the insert function isn't working.  I've attached them in a wordpad doc below.

Anyone run into anything similar and found a work around?



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Nicholas Hood
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Are you using IE 9? If so, are you using the 32 bit IE or the 64 bit IE?

Yes, IE 9.0.8112.16421.  32 bit version.  Its the exact same version as my laptop as well as several of their other, working machines.  Thanks.

Have you tried to update your java client to see if that works?

Dennis Gallery
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Anyone figure this one out yet? I have come across this problem as well. Nothing I do seems to fix the error.

I am currently working on this same error as well. Everything was working fine until I used the browser to navigate to an individual camera. The browser tried to load the ActiveX controls to view the video directly from the camera and failed.

Then when I went back to VSOM in the browser I could no longer load any views on the monitoring page and was reciving the view description pointer is null error.

The camera that I tried to access was a Cisco 6020

Have you tried to put IE in compatibility mode? Either from the tools menu or by the little broken letter icon in the URL bar. This fixes many of my viewing issues in the browsers while viewing cameras and vsom.


I have tried compatibility mode with no luck. The problem is also causing the SASD to crash right after logging in. The error that shows up in windows application log is related to .net frameworks but googling the problem turns up nothing useful.

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Found the solution. The client machines did not have the right video cards in them. Connected to a stronger pc with the correct video card on the customers site and the error does not show itself anymore.

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Kim Armstead
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Vance, Did you find a fix for this error?  I'm receiving the GUISettingsMgr.exe process also.  This installation has been up and running for several years.  I believe you are just now installing and setting up, right??



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Each time I have come across this issue, it has been related to the video drivers. The OS tries to use the windows default dirver.  Updating the video card to the correct driver has fixed this issue.

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I having this issue in win10 6bit IE 11.

Error message after the ActiveX Installed :  Invalid parameter: MPClientXML pointer is null in createView.

VSM : 7.7.0 version

Help me 

Windows 10 is not currently supported.


•Windows 7 supports IE 10 or 11.
•Windows 8 supports IE 10, desktop version (the Metro version of IE 10 is not supported).
•Windows 8.1 supports IE 11
32-bit or 64-bit
•The IE 32-bit version can display a maximum of 4 video panes (for example, in a 2x2 layout).
•The IE 64-bit version can display a maximum of 16 video panes (for example, in a 4x4 layout). The 64-bit version of Internet Explorer requires that the workstation run in “Protected Mode”.


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