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VSOM 7.7 Map server - Operation failed

Danny Meyer
Level 4
Level 4


After my upgrade to VSOM 7.7, the map services complain with the following error: Operation failed. Authentication failed. The request is not allowed.

This when trying to access a map.

This is with the standard map services delivered with VSOM.


Thanks for a hint.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Danny,

It would really great, if you can share the snapshot of those error.  check if you have enabled the "map service" in the VSOM.




Hi Jayesh.

Thanks for your reply.

The map service was active before and you likely helped us to bring it to work under 7.5 in a TAC case, I remember?

I have attached the screenshot for you.

Thanks and regards



Hello Danny,

Thanks for the snapshot. You catch that correctly. I helped you in the VSM 7.5 to bring that up.
Can you open the TAC case for this, so we can look on this. what causing the this issue?




Hello Jayesh-ji.

Nice to see you here. Thanks for your reply.

Interestingly, the error is gone now. We have done nothing and are quite surprised. We can now use the map in the web interface.

I don't like such solutions... :-)

What I am still missing in the new SASD is the map "tab". Do you know if this has to be enabled separately? If not, let me know and I open a tac for this.



Hello Danny,

Yes, i know this kind of solutions is very weird and difficult to explain in such scenarios. But in networking this is also one of the way of resolution. (Self-resolution) ;)

Now coming to your concern about the "Map" Tab in SASD is the Map Workspace displays maps of the region, city, building, or other areas where the Cisco VSM is

Click a location to view the associated map(s). Maps can include an aerial view of the camera location such as a street map or satellite view, or an image of the physical location such as a building layout, floor plan, or other image).

Click the camera marker to display a draggable icon or double-click the camera marker to view video in a popup window.


  • The Map Workspace is available in the Cisco SASD application only. Maps are not included in the Cisco SASD Advanced Video Player or Cisco SASD Federator applications.
  • When upgrading Cisco SASD, you must migrate the map images from the previous system and reconfigure the map image layers. The Cisco VSM mapping system has been replaced with GIS map support which is not compatible with the earlier map support. 
  • Accessing cameras on maps requires a Cisco VSM Map server. See “Migrating Map Images From a Previous Cisco VSM Release” in the Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager User Guide for more information. 
  • Location map images are typically provided by a mapping service (such as Mapquest), which requires access to the public Internet. For example, the base layer image can be a city, region, or campus that all other images appear on.

If you still have any concerns and doubt, please feel free to reach out to me or else open an TAC case with us.