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What are you using to configure brand new CIAC-GW-K9's shipping with 1.3.2?

I am having extreme difficulties configuring a new batch of gateways that arrived which shipped with 1.3.2 from the factory.

My CPAM installation has been upgraded to 1.3.2 as well as all of my installed gateways.

I have been trying to configure these using a Dell e6400 running Windows 7 32-bit with Internet Explorer 8.  I have used multiple laptops with similar results.

Some of the time the device accepts the static IP address configuration that I set. Other times a gateway will look like it takes the config but when I switch over to eth0 and change my address to check what I just configured, it doesn't work.  I will go back to eth1 and the configuration is back to defaults.

I have also had a problem with attempting to reset one of the gateways using the hard reset procedure.  The device appears to factory reset according to the SVR light flashing for around 5 minutes and then I will let it sit for good measure another few minutes.

When I connect to eth1, the device states that it is setting the network configuration, this could take up to one minute.

I have left this last gateway sitting there for over an hour and nothing has changed.

Out of the first 12 I have touched I have had problems with over half.

I am starting to believe this could be a GPO setting restricting something in IE that is causing the problem.

Currently this process is taking me over an hour to configure one gateway which is way too much.  It should be like 10 minutes to configure and verify.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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What are you using to configure brand new CIAC-GW-K9's shipping


the behaviour you're describing is indeed strange. Are you able to open a  TAC case for it, to perform troubleshooting on the setup?




What are you using to configure brand new CIAC-GW-K9's shipping

This was a known issue on the Gateways that were released with firmware versions 1.0.0 to 1.3.0. There is a patch available on that may resolve your issue.

Also I have found that when configuring the gateways make sure that you are only connected on one port. Either power the gateway with a stand alone 12v power supply and configure using Eth1. Or use a POE switch to power the gateway on Eth0 and access the gateway through the switch. It creates issues if you have the gateway powered with a POE switch and then try to configure using Eth1.

What are you using to configure brand new CIAC-GW-K9's shipping

I dug up a Windows XP laptop this morning and have had no problems with configuring the last 6 gateways I have opened.

Just for the record, I am using a benchtop stand alone power supply.  I am only connecting to one ethernet at a time, using a straight through from my laptop directly to the gateway.

I have a TAC case open and I will work with them to see why the Windows 7 machine will not work, but on the exact same gateway a windows XP machine will. 

One thing I noticed is that the XP machine is still running IE7 while the 7 machine is running IE8.

Thanks for the link to the patch, I didn't have to use it, but I will keep it in mind if in the future I have some of our older gateways behave strangely.

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