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RV042 telnet access


Hello, I am trying to access my RV042 through telnet. I go to

which enables telnet. However when I type my username and password it will not authenticate. Any help?


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Sorry to be the bearer of all the bad news

The RV042 was a device brought over from the Linksys days.

IT is a great product and does a great job in the SMB field

But it has no telnet access or Class B routing, it is designed for the under 200 user market

You need to look at the ASA or above for the needs that you have

I have found conversations where people have used telnet to login to their RV042 when it was a linksys box. Specifically following these instructions:

It seems that the box still supports it because if you go to it does enable telnet. However when I enter the username and password it doesn't work which makes me think cisco changed the password. Does anyone know what it is?

It seems that the box still supports it because if you go to it does enable telnet. However when I enter the username and password it doesn't work which makes me think cisco changed the password. Does anyone know what it is?

This may depend on the version of the firmware, it does work as expected on a RV082 which is the only model I have used, and the user/password are the same you use to authenticate to the Web interface (which can be changed on said Web interface, in Setup / Password).

I have 100% the same problem!

We had Linksys RV042 and we were executing some telnet script every day (with the procedure described at the mentioned link). After thunderstorm LinkSys RV042 stoped working so we ask our local distributor for another one. He gave us CISCO RV042 with the explanation that is the same model.

Now, as Keith said, we succeed to enable telnet which wasn't enabled at the first but cannot login, we get "Login incorrect" message all the time.

Can anyone explain why this is happening, is there any other way to execute telnet script?

Can we buy Linksys RV042 instead of CISCO RV042?


Hello Amir K---The current model being produced for the RV042 is a Version 3 Hardware. It is labeled CISCO. The older

Version  Hardware is labeled Linksys. Most anybody who orders today a RV042 will recieve a Version 3 Hardware. There may be some vendors who still have the older version still in stock. They are basically the same router except that the hardware was updated. The interfaces are different with the newer model having a Cisco Interface and the older a Linksys interface.


Rick Roe

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Hello riroe, first of all thank you very much for your kind answer.

So what is my options to execute this telnet script on the new model which I was executing for last 3 years on the old one?

I don't care if its name is LinkSys or Cisco but why the new version of the same model (RV042) has less features? I can't beleive that.


Hello Rick.

I just got a new RV042 V3 to replace my old Linksys RV042.

I'd like the telnet access too, and has encountered exactly the same problem.

Could you enlighten us, if this is at all possible or has been taken out of the product ?

I can enable Telnet access as described in previous posts, but I cannot log in with my admin user and password.

Has this been replaced with a 'root' user and a password, and if so, what is the password ?

Hi Mr riroe,

may i ask you default eusername and password fort telnet access on CISCO RV042 (v3 hardware)?

I need to automate some things.

Thank you very much

Kind Regards




It should be the aame as via browser as I know.

I was wondering the same thing. From other forums they said to use UN:admin PWD: admin . From my small knowledge of cisco firewall interface: there are seperate passwords for VTY connections as well as for configuration passwords internet passwords, and so on. I think the internet password and the login via telnet are differnent making us not able to login. I wonder if someone did a hard reset and the first thing you do is try and connect via telnet before anything is setup maybe it would allow you to since no config of passwords has changed. Let us know if that is the solution.

on a side note I wanted to try and look for a way through the cmd interface to change the DNS settings that where not present when the WAN connection is set to PPPOE. The only way I found is to change either the PPPOE to "obtain automatically" and go through a double NAT or change all comps to DHCP and let the router handle the addressing via MAC addresses. In the DHCP settings I can enable a seperate DNS server then the defaults my ISP provides. All the other firewalls I have used have this DNS option while using PPPOE...what I would give to have ASA class firewalls. But with small business there just isn't enough cash in the budget.

I'm having the same issue. We are wanting to change some advance routing on the device, mainly get rid of some routes it creates automatically. Anyway, we can access the telnet console however the username/password combonation isn't working. I have tried everything I can think of. The devices we are using are Cisco branded running version Guess cisco must have changed the default telnet logins when the updated firmware. If anyone knows anything, clue me in.


Anyone get reply on the Telnet username and password ? How do we can have the username and password ?

Telnet on RV0xx is not a supported feature. It's there for development and debugging purpose. 

LOL - after reading the thread, I get the impression telenet does work but probably has a secret userid/password that is used by Cisco engineers during support and such and not based on the router credentials.  The RV042 may be an entry router, but is easy to configure and run for the general consumer.  Once you get into the ASA stuff, it gets complicated real fast for your average SB User.

I hope Cisco doens't blow off the Rv042 and keeps it current and fairly robust for it's class.


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