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4507R-E and WS-X4606-X2-E queries

Dear all,

I'm planning to connect 5 campus locations which are close to 350 meters from my 4507R-E core.

My plan is to lay single mode fiber to the core, my questions are.

1. Planning to buy Ws-X4606-X2-E, in this module do i need to buy X2-10Gb modules

to terminate the fibers or is it included.

2. If i have to buy these X2-10Gb modules which one should i use to run over single mode fiber

as i have told my distance will be 300 to 350 meters.

3. at the remote office site im planning to buy 3750-E to connect the X2-10Gb but exactly which X2

model should i buy

4. if iwant to stack a 3750-E and an ordinary 3750, an ordinary stack cable will do the job?

I will rate all the posts.



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Edison Ortiz
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

1) Modular models only come with the interfaces for those modules, you need to purchase the modules separately at an additional cost.

2)10GBASE-LR will provide 10km

3) If you don't require port-density and PoE 3750E-24TD, if you need PoE 3750E-24PD

If you need port-density w/o PoE 3750E-48TD and w/ PoE 3750E-48PD.

4. Yes.




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