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How to Monitor Routing Table Change
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Is there a mechanism built-in to IOS (syslog, SNMP, etc) that allows us to monitor any route addition or deletion in the routing table?


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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame

Hello Kevin,

you need to enable

conf t

ip route profile


later you can check with

sh ip route profile

Hope to help


Thanks Guiseppe.

However, this feature does not notify me what's or when route is added or deleted. This command does not count deletion, only counts addition.

Anyone else knows a way to monitor routing table changes? What's added and what's deleted and notify the NOSC via SNMP or syslog?


If your IOS supports it, you may look into EEM

You may need some customization and maybe rely on the MIB for that kind of tracking.




This can be done with Perl/Expect scripting in less ten minutes.

Unfortunately I don't know how to do Perl/Expect scripting.

Now I am looking at RANCID to perform "show ip route" and email me the difference. That could be another way to do it.

I just can't believe there are no easy way to monitor routing table. Don't people monitor their routing table changes?

RANCID is good too. I used it. RANCID also uses Perl language as well.

The reason you want to use Perl customization is that even if routing does not change but you have routing flap, the perl script can detect the differences in the timestamp. You can write a script so it can send you email even when routing table does not change but flapping as well.

Thanks Cisco24x7. I will give RANCID a try.

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