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Applying Netflow

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to get some ideas, suggestions, and opinions on applying netflow.  I would like to know where would be the best place on a Catalyst 6500 to apply netflow?  Should I apply it on an SVI or a physical interface?  Thanks!


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Edison Ortiz
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, I cannot access the URL provided.  I'm getting the following message:

Forbidden File or Application

The file or application you are  trying to access may require additional entitlement or you are trying to  access a file with an invalid name. Additional entitlement levels are  granted based on a users relationship with Cisco on a per-application  basis.

If you feel you have reached this page in error, please try one of the following methods to locate your document:

  1. If you are manually entering the URL into your browser  location bar, be sure to include the file name of the page you are  trying to access (file names typically end in .htm, .html or .shtml).
  2. Use the Search feature located in the upper right section of this page.
  3. Return to the Home or select a primary site area from the top navigation bar.
  4. Consult with your Cisco Account Manager to confirm you have the appropriate entitlement to access this page.

If you would like to contact someone about this problem, please click on the Contacts & Feedback link below.

Awesome it worked.  I'll take a look.  Thanks!


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