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bandwidth combine through BGP possible?

Hello Friends

If I have 2 ISP with BGP and my own AS and IP. Can we combine 2 ISP Bandwith 10MB + 10MB = 20MB speed

As far as i know load shareing on 2 ISP is possible but maximum speed will be 10MB correct me if i am wrong.

also advice me if 10MB + 10MB =20MB speed is possible

thank you all

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Yes, that would be the total aggregate bandwidth available.

Single session speed would be unchanged.

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it depends what is your config, do you get full internet routing table from both providers?

or you get only default routes? like me.



is there any way to check its Full BGP or default...


What Paolo said above is correct. The aggregate Internet Service bandwidth that you have is 20Mbps. But since each link to your ISP(s) are 10Mbps, you're only going to get 10Mbps speed max on each link, but you will be able to accomdate 20Mbps total when you combined both, if you get what I"m saying.

Think about having a two lane road, where each car can only go 10mph. You can have a total of 20mph speed on the road, but each car can only do 10mph on each road.

With BGP, usually you receive on of several things

- Full Route Table

- Partial Table (Usually just your providers routes)

- Default Route

If you have access to the router that runs bgp, if you run 'show ip bgp' you will be able to see this

If it's a default route you will see something like *>

If it's a Partial Table you will see numerous routes but not like you would on a full BGP table. Usually you will see routes from your providers networks and a default route, going to their upstream provider

If it's a full table, you will see routes starting from something like *> And so on up to the max.

Hope this helps some.

You can always load balance links, and prefer this set of routes on this links and this set of routes out the other.

But that's all up to how you want to set things up, and how best fits your organization.

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Don't think of bandwidth as speed, but volume.