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BGP connection collision

Level 1
Level 1

I have an eBGP peer that will not be established till a reset the peer about 10 times. I turned on ths BGP debug switch and I found that a message said:

connection collision

NOTIFICATION is sento to peer x.x.x.x

code 6 (cease).

And the BGP peer will be in Active state for long time and it will return back to Connect state and stuk in this state.

I know the problem of collision is because the both of peers are trying to initiate the connection at the same time and collision will happen.

So I want o know how to solve this problem or how to configure the peer to play only passive or active role.

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Level 11
Level 11


Use the following command to configure one side as passive:

neighbor transport connection-mode passive

Hope that helps - pls do rate the post if it does.


Harold Ritter
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I do not think this is collision related. It rather looks like a bug that I have come across a while ago. What version of code are you running on the IOS side?

Also, the cease code comes with a sub code. Can you please let us know what the subcode is.


Harold Ritter
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Hi Harold, What is the Bug ID, I'm seeing the same thing sporadically on a couple of my routers and I want to see if they are affected. I'm running Code version is 16.3.1a

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