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Troubleshooting VPN IPSec/GRE

Could someone help me with troubleshooting? PC1 can't reach PC2 via IPSec/GRE R1: int tun 1 ip add tun sou tun des tun mode gre ip ! int g0/0 ip add no shut ! int p1/0 ip add 160.0.0...

Resolved! BGP - Two ISP failover

f I want to set up Two ISP for a company with Full BGP set up..... ISP A - ISP B - Do I need work with ISP B and inform or ask them to service network? If ISP A goes does ISP B will allow n...

Resolved! ACL needed with simple NAT?

Question about the need for an ACL when using NAT on a 1941 router. I have a very simple configuration where I NAT all inside traffic to the Internet-facing public IP address assigned by my ISP. It's basically something like this: interface serial0...

ASR 920 mpls over cwdm

HiIs there anyone else having problems with MPLS over 10G cwdm interface?With "mpls ip" command configured on BDI for the 10Ge interface that use cwdm, the trafik stops to devices one step further.Very strange, i cant see any kind om cause, it just s...

Resolved! Question: ACLs on Cisco 881

Good morning everyone, I have a question regarding ACLs on a Cisco 881. In order to set ACLs on my inbound interface (Dialer 1) I wrote a set of access rules  access-list 111 permit icmp any any administratively-prohibitedaccess-list 111 permit icmp...

Joerg - by Beginner
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Cisco 887VA-K9 boots only to ROMMON

HiI have an 887VA-K9 which boots into ROMMON mode every time.It seems to have 3 tries at booting, then fails.The entire console output from power-on is (blank lines removed):System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(22r)YB5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Supp...

Cisco 1941/K9 CCP Express 3.2 not working.

Hi there, thank you in advance if you can help :)  We have just installed a brand new out of box 1941/K9 router.  When I go to I get the "Windows Security" login, put in cisco/cisco, and then get the "Cisco Configuration Professional Expre...

rsims by Beginner
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Resolved! Restrict OSPF routes

Hello, I am running OSPF on my routers. On Internal routers I want to stop receiving and forwarding any subnet information that are not directly connected to it. In other words I don't want any of my router with none of its interface in area 0 to ha...

sqambera by Beginner
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