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C8300 "router-on-static" compatibility

Level 1
Level 1

I am assuming a trunk connection between a Cisco Catalyst 8300 and another SW.
I have included a sample configuration for the C8300.
We do not have any separate modules or other preparations.

VLAN 10 and VLAN 20-----SWITCH----(Trunk)---connected to Gig 0/0/0 (C8300)

interface gig 0/0/0
no ip address
no shutdown

interface gig 0/0/0.10
encapsulation dot1q 10
ipv4 address
no shut
Interface gig 0/0/0.20
encapsulation dot1q 20
ipv4 address
no shut


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Your config is correct what is issue

Can you elaborate 


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Your config is correct what is issue

Can you elaborate 


@MHM Cisco World 

Thank you for your prompt response.
I wanted to confirm that this setting can be submitted as a command, as has been the case with the model so far.
Also, there was a similar question in another community, but I could not see the conclusion, so I wanted to confirm.
How I can create interface vlan on C8300 - Cisco Community

We are considering implementing L2 extension using LISP using this target segment.

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Hall of Fame

the thread you referring have different discussion.

lets focus on your config : if you looking dot1q tag that should as i have mentioned in the document

you need to provide if not working, show version and what is not working ?



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