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Hi all,

I have to similar C819HG-4G-G-K9 routers installed at the sime site. One of the is working fine. The second one is reseting the cellular interface constantly

*May 18 10:01:21.907: %LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface Cellular0, changed state to reset
*May 18 10:01:21.907: %DIALER-6-UNBIND: Interface Ce0 unbound from profile Di0
*May 18 10:01:22.907: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Cellular0, changed state to down
*May 18 10:01:26.907: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Cellular0, changed state to down
*May 18 10:01:40.487: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Cellular0, changed state to up
*May 18 10:01:40.487: %DIALER-6-BIND: Interface Ce0 bound to profile Di0
*May 18 10:01:41.487: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Cellular0, changed state to up

After some reasearch i found this error message

%PLATFORM-4-CELLULAR_MODEM_SKU_MISMATCH: Mismatch detected between installed modem Unknown modem on SKU type C819-4G-LTE-G. Expected modem for this SKU is MC7710

related with Cisco Bug: CSCup24941 but there is no specific workaround.

Both routers have the same Ios and it is a bit weird that just one of them has this issue

Can anybody help?

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Svante Bolander

I also have a  C819G-4G-G-K9. Suddenly a few weeks ago the modem got unaccessible with this message:


and show cellular shows no info.

NAME: "Modem 0 on Cellular0", DESCR: "Sierra Wireless MC7710 4G-G"
PID: MC7710            , VID:    , SN:            

Also these messages appear regulary:

May 27 20:10:01.435: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_UP: Cellular0 modem is now UP.
May 27 20:10:51.340: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_DOWN: Cellular0 modem is now DOWN.
May 27 20:11:11.426: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_UP: Cellular0 modem is now UP.
May 27 20:12:21.441: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_UP: Cellular0 modem is now UP.

This is more than a cosmetic issue, it makes the cellular router unuseable. Is there some way to troubleshoot the modem?

This looks like it might be related to bug CSCuz49252

This may be due to bug CSCuz49252


I have 26 sites that all went offline last Tuesday with this same exact error, all around the same time (pretty much simultaneously). I initially thought it was a carrier network issue, but no, detailed investigation with the carrier engineers showed that not to be the case (and our IR809's with the same carrier on the same APN are all still working). 

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