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I have a following scenario

i want my client computer to access or go to  internet from another static ip from the pool

client IP: with gateway as

Router IP: giga 0 ( and giga 1 ( 

IP Pool:



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- you can use release dhcp ethernet x/y on the router to release the current ip given by the DHCP server , and then request for a new one again  

But , When you release  your current  IP address  it's up to the DHCP server to decide what IP address you get when you request a new lease. The DHCP server will assign the "next available" IP address, which could even be the address you just released.

If you have control of the DHCP server and don't want the same IP address you  can : 

  1. Exclude the unwanted IP address from the pool of available DHCP leases so that the DHCP server won't assign the address.
  2. Create a DHCP reservation assigning the address you want to the MAC address of your network adapter.                                  or if you have no access to the server Avoid DHCP altogether and assign a static IP address.
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I am not using dhcp.

Internet provide is directly connected to router on giga1 and my other vlan 1 ip on router is

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how is your configuration looks like.

Default ACL you need to remove that IP address and add new ACL and do NAT using the IP you looking to do NAT for in and out.

some examples can be find here : (or provide config to guide correctly)


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