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clear ip dhcp bindings

"clear ip dhcp binding a.b.c.d-Clears an automatic address binding from the DHCP server database"

does this force the host to lose its IP

address and request a new ip via dhcp?


Re: clear ip dhcp bindings



Re: clear ip dhcp bindings


I issued a

clear ip dhcp binding *

command and i was still able to

ping hosts who learned their ip's from dhcp

Re: clear ip dhcp bindings

Router# clear ip dhcp binding {address | *}

Deletes an automatic address binding from the DHCP database. Specifying the address argument clears the automatic binding for a specific (client) IP address, whereas specifying an asterisk (*) clears all automatic bindings.

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Re: clear ip dhcp bindings

It will clear the dynamic bindings at the server but the server won't inform the client to clear its IP Address. To clear the IP address at the client, you must issue IPCONFIG /Release followed by IPCONFIG /Renew (if running a Windows Machine).




clear ip dhcp bindings

Would it be correct to say that performing a shut, no shut on the interface would cause the client to lose its address and need to send a new dhcp request?

Or would the client (a Windows machine, for example) be able to continue using the old lease?


clear ip dhcp bindings

It would retain the current address.


Better late than never. I had

Better late than never.


I had an issue just today whereas the dns servers that we point to were changed, I updated the static DNS on the router (and the dhcp pools) and was forced to clear the client DHCP lease.

The command to clear the client leases is:

clear ip dhcp pool <NAME> binding *

Hope this helps anyone with the same problem.


- Geoff



No it doesn't. The command is

No it doesn't. The command is for loosing the bindings, the clients don't know and you have to wait for a new dhcp packet from the client.

I was looking how to do a new dhcp request from the cisco itself, so when one of the cisco interfaces is configured as a dhcp client.

Then this is what you need, from enable mode just type:

release dhcp Fa0/1

renew dhcp Fa0/1

where Fa0/1 should be replaced with your interface.

A shut and no shut of the interface will have the same affect.

Did you still need the answer after 8 years? ;-)

Re: No it doesn't. The command is

Only posting for future researchers. A whole lot of mis-information on this forum. That doesn't do it either. That will only release/renew the IP given to that interface, not the client connected to it.


However, in my experience a shut/no shut will force the client to resend the dhcp request. 

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