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SG350X; Does this support PBR?

I was looking up some factoids on this switch and came across a narrative that was comparing models and it mentioned the SG350X indeed not have PBR, but the SG550X Series did. When I go to official, though lacking in details, Cisco site it has like t...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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Resolved! ISR 4321 webUI Not Loading after Upgrade to 17.03.04a

It seems the webUI is no longer loading for me after I upgraded the software to 17.03.04a.  Have I misconfigured something?   I am trying to access it from a laptop connected to G0/1/1 with IP MASK255.0.0.0 GW10.10.10.254   Current Config...

Zydain by Beginner
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IGP Cost

Hi Guys, 1. Is there gonna be a problem if two router interfaces cost doesn't match? thanks!!  example , r1 g0/0 cost is 1-----------------r2 g0/0 cost is 10 if no issue, then total cost for the link is 11??  2. also what does this output mean? it is...

ricaela by Beginner
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Gigabit Routers & Fast Ethernet Switches

Hi,I notice with many of Cisco's labs, that fast ethernet switches are used with gigabit routers. In reality, is this best practice? Would the lesser fast ethernet switches in these cases slow the traffic??? If not please explain why. If so, why woul...

Non directly connected bgp peers

Hi allquestion about non directly connected ibgp peers,If I have router A B C all connected in a line and B is not running BGP, I know I can still form a relationship as long as the router is reachable, so the next hop from A to C will go via B. A se...

Network Development

Task 1. Given the IP address,, calculate the appropriate subnet masks to cater for the following offices and departments with minimum IP address wastage. Produce the IP Address allocation table. All calculations should allow for 10% gro...

cisco router and asa 5500

hello every one. i have a cisco router 2911 and asa5516x. we have 4 isp internet and l3 switch. i want to know is that possible we can use router cisco for routing and l3 for vlan and asa5516x for securty at same time or we dont need to router cisco ...

RV260W: How to convert to switch?

Hi, I have an extra RV260 Router I am trying to use as a switch to extend ports for my network and may be having difficulties accomplishing a stable network as after turning it on other users in our household had issues connecting. I did however try ...

moheban79 by Beginner
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CISCO 819G Cellular0 not responding

Hi, Here I facing the issue on the cellular connection. When the router rebooted the link got connected after that automatically getting down with in a 5 seconds. Here I share the log on below, Kindly assist  Chat script  :  chat-script gsm "" "ATDT*...

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