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Command to check all the commands entered on a router

F Martinez
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What would be the command to issue on a router to check all the commands that have been entered on it.


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With in the same session (before logging out), you can try 'show history'. If you want to see commands after you or someone else logged out, try 'logging buffer informational or debug' (debug  will generate log of output and can fill buffer quickly) or use external syslog server.



Thank you!

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Level 9


aside from MS post, you'll need the archive command configured on the router.

see helpful link.

Thank you!

CTY06#show archive
Archive feature not enabled


Can i still see ALL previously or recently entered CLI commands?



actually, if you configure this on your device:


1. enable
2. configure terminal
3. archive
4. log config
5. logging enable
6. logging size entries
7. hidekeys
8. notify syslog
9. end


and then issue the command:


show archive log config all


all configuration changes will be displayed like below:


R1#show archive log config all
idx sess user@line Logged command
36 1 console@console | logging enable
37 1 console@console | logging size 1000
38 1 console@console | hidekeys
39 1 console@console | notify syslog

Thanks, Georg. This helped a lot.

Deepak Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


There are many options as

1. Check with SHOW HISTORY command.

2. Check with SHOW Archive command (If configured)

3. Check logs on buffer or log server (if enabled).


Deepak Kumar,
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1. Check with SHOW HISTORY command. Nothing

2. Check with SHOW Archive command (If configured),you mean show archive
config diff? not many shown

3. Check logs on buffer or log server (if enabled). not enabled
any other options?

Did you configure the archive logging as described above ?

I think the 'show history all' can answer.

But what's the command on NX OS?

Thank you very much.

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