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Team , Is this what you need as prerequisite written for CCIE EI lab? Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core I have this but im not sure if this is the one Your help is much appreciated  

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Hello, We have one firewall with a webserver in the DMZ. My engineers have a need to access the DMZ using the external IP address from the internal network. Will I need a hairpin setup to accomplish this? If so, 

tryingguy by Beginner
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Is is possible to get the same network to advertise on 3 different OSPF processes in area 0 on 3 different vrfs. ip vrf bluedescription route-replication statements govern the RIB population in Areas 2-4route-replicate from vrf services unicast ospf ...

Hi, I have setup a pair of 4431s (IOS XE 16.12.06) on a network but can't get any copy tftp commands e.g. copy run tftp to work on either 4431. I have tested the tftp server using another cisco router on the same subnet and I don't have any issue. ...

Good Afternoon Everyone- I'm hoping to get some insight on the following... What is the best practice setup and configuration for a VOICE & DATA NETWORK with VLANS with the below network devices…?   1- CISCO ASA 5520 || SECURITY FIREWALL AND ROUTING ...

I-TECH by Beginner
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I found many references to a router's Global IP Address in this document on multicast config, for instance:   Prerequisites for IGMP Snooping Observe these guidelines when configuring the IGMP snooping querier: Configure the VLAN in global configu...

RB6502 by Beginner
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Hi,There are eight different queue's per interface for qos on XR devices , how can i check queue's traffic statistics (total traffic flowing through each queue, buffer size, peak rate, discards etc..) on an interface. Thanks 

Sunil_06 by Beginner
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Hi Team, I working in some company's lab that gives services to clients. We are getting the networks/subnets from IT and then distribute it in the lab as we want per client's needs. The gateways for the subnets to get out from the lab to the 'world' ...

robad by Beginner
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Hello,I have a very rudimentary understanding of the Internet/networking and am looking to learn more. After looking up an IP address associated with a VPN, I noticed that the ISP associated with the IP address was different from the ASN (I have atta...

cj95029 by Beginner
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So I configured 2 switch interfaces to use Keychain Authentication and after the key expires the switches still propagates the OSPF Networks instead of shutting off the adjacency....any idea why this is happening?   This is the config I used: enablec...

Hi All,   Device:  cisco Nexus9000 C9348GC-FXP Chassis NXOS Version: 9.3.7   We are seeing a behavior in our IGMP joins that not all of the groups are joining at the same time. Checking the IGMP debug, I'm getting these messages for the groups that d...

Hi,I have a RV160 router that I want to use between a device that has the same ip adress as another device that i'm connected to. I want to use static NAT on this device to hide his adress and expose another one.I thought that static Nat would be eas...

StefDes by Beginner
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