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Connecting multiple BRI ISDN lines to single PRI ISDN line through legacy DDR ??

I want to connect a PRI ISDN line to multiple BRI ISDN lines as a backup route. The PRI line is present at the server, all the clients have a BRI line. I want to connect them together as a backup route to the server using Legacy DDR routing on ISDN. Please help me with this configuration. I have my head all messed up in this.

The configuration that i have tried as of now is that i have created a dialer interface at the PRI called dialer 1. I have assigned an ip address to the dialer interface put it in dialer-group 1 and have put the E1 line interface i.e. S1/0:15 in dialer rotary group 1. I have encapsulated them with ppp and used dialer maps on the dialer interfaces. same thing i have done at the client side i.e BRi interface. I am still unable to ping the connection. please help

Thanks in advance...


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ajay chauhan
Level 7
Level 7

Do you have trouble with connecting ISDN or routing ?

I am having trouble connecting the ISDN lines together using legacy DDR. Please help ......

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