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hello,We currently have 3 sites (A, B, C) interconnected by a Layer 3 OSPF triangle: A <-100Mb/s-> B <-1Gb/s-> C <-40Mb/s-> AAll WAN links are in fact Layer 2 WAN links.I'd like to simplify this architecture by eliminating the OSPF Layer 3 on the Lay...

egillis by Level 1
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Hi all,We have a 7206 router with ATM DS3 card (PA-A6-T3) inserted in in it. The ATM PVC interface was down:AT3/0           up      up   AT3/0.101          down     down  I tried to shut & unshut the interface:7206(config)#int ATM3/07206(config-if)#s...

Hi All,We have a 7206vxr router with a pos interface: its PA-POS-1OC3 card currently in up/down status:We already repalced the card but still same (up/down) condition.R01#sh int pos 1/0POS1/0 is up, line protocol is down  Hardware is Packet over Sone...

Dears,I have two 3750 layer3 switches and I need to connect them via stack if I connect them with the stack they will be act as an one switch, but for the configuration if I create a VLANs on the master switch (applied all the configuration ...

Dear Friends,Please expline Exatuall how many types of load balances are thereplz teach me how to configure the load balance for each there any complete meterials are there?Thanks Srinivas. N

Hello, I have an issue with ME 3600x switch with SFP, Here my explanation I replaced 4506 switch with new ME 3600x with SFP Module Once i've replaced with new switch ME 3600x..after i copied config file from FTP into ME 3600x then switch got reboot...

Resolved! 1841 PTP issues

Hi  everyone,     Kind of a noob so go slow. I am trying to configure a PTP with 2 1841's ver 12.4 and I can't tell if my config is the issue or the ISP. I am bonding 2 t-1's with serial interfaces. Any help is appreciated.Router1:mmi polling-interva...

Joe Link by Level 1
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I have two BGP routers connecting to same ISP (MPLS/VPN), more than 500 routes are learnt from the PE router, I am running OSPF as IGP. Now I need to redistribute BGP into OSPF, but I need the neighbor OSPF router to know exact routes learnt from BGP...

Turbo727 by Level 1
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  Hi All,One of our customer would like to connect 3 datacentres and decided to use VPLS to extend layer 2 VLANs . For this purpose they have bought six Cisco ASR1000 edge routers( two at each side).They also wanted to buy MPLS SP backbone but have d...

Hi everyone, On the Backbone switch there are vlans,I want to see that which clients (mac adreseses) on the vlans.For example: On the vlan 10 there 50 mac adresses like that.How can I see ?Thanks        

Hello,Sorry for this newbe question , in October 2012 I will start some CCNA TRAINING , so for this purpose I have ordered :CISCO ROUTER 1841CISCO ROUTER 2621XMCISCO ROUTER 2691CISCO SWITCH 3550CISCO SWITCH 2950This is better than the Virtual Packet ...

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