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DHCP Relay Just Won't Work

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Level 1

Hey Everyone,

Def need some advice on just won't work!

Setup is basically: LAN Switch has a direct SDWAN connection from Port 1 on the Velo with DHCP Relay enabled on the Internal Subnet Address of say to the S2S DHCP Server on (this is how the vendor told me to connect it).

ASA has an Inside of with the DHCP Relay enabled on it as well pointing to to the Tunneled Address of (the remote Windows DC/DHCP Server) which it can see/ping.

The Internal Hosts aren't getting a DHCP or DNS from that guy though. I THINK it may be a licensing issue on the ASA (no Strong Encryption License as we're having issues applying the Smart License).

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.....

Thank You!




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post a schematic drawing of your topology, as well as the relevant configurations of the devices involved...

No I dont think so it mostly bug'

Just to confirm

You use dhcp relay to server reachable via IPsec ?


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Debug dhcpc detail 255

Debug dhcpc packet 255

Debug dhcpc error 255


I will run and post when back onsite...thanks MHM!

Yes, I can ping the Actual DHCP Server on the different Subnet over the SDWAN Tunnel...

It not issue of ping' we need to know how ASA build unicast dhcp relay packet.

There are many point can make server not reply to asa' that why we need to check debug


I don't know if this is still the case, but I have had issues with getting an ASA to tunnel its own traffic (traffic generated by the ASA). That could be the case since the ASA has has to originate the packet to relay the DHCP request. Long ago, that command was "management-access <inside interface name>". The debug commands suggested by others may give you some information to be certain that is the case.

Thanks Elliot! I will take that into account!

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