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DMVPN tunnel and internet access over the same interface

Good morning, at a branch location we currently have a T1 that is set up as our DMVPN tunnel that the branch uses for access to headquarters when their Primary MPLS circuit goes down.

Right now their default route points to headquarter for internet access through our Headquarter internet circuit.  We want to use their local T1 circuit as their default route so they won't have to come through headquarters for internet access.

If we change their default route, can the DMVPN tunnel we use for failover when MPLS goes down and the default route for general internet access co-exist on the same interface?

Would I have to create subinterfaces to make this work?


yes they can coexist, no you don't need sub interfaces. route with a metric higher than 90 to the t1 interface

Eigrp for DMVPN will route other traffic to the tunnel interface with the lower metric of 90

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Rupert thank you for your reply.  I'm sorry but I don't know what you mean by routing it with a higher metric.

ip route "T1 IP ADDRESS" ... then what


Ip route 91

The eigrp routes used by the dmvpn have a metric of 90 and will take precedence. Therefore tunnel routes to other sites will go to the tunnel and everything else straight to the T1 interface.

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Hi - I think you mean administrative distance, not metric. Does that make more sense now?

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Thank you for your reply.  I've applied the changes ip route T1IPADDRESS 91. 

But strangely enough it appears my internet traffic is still going out our Primary WAN circuit via BGP.

We are trying to keep our WAN traffic to continue out our MPLS circuit via bgp policy to headquarters, but we want to send all internet-only traffic out their local T1 circuit. 

I thought by changing their default route to their local circuit this would take care of it.  Is there something I'm missing?

Could it be that my router already knows its previous route to the internet and is still going the direction it knows rather than the newly applied route.  Is there something that needs to be reset or cleared?