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Errors on Point to Point T1's - 2811 - Timing issue?

I think the point to point T1 is just copper.  I don't think they provide clock.  I just double checked my 7200, where the T3 terminates, and I had clock set to line there.  I think that might need to be set to internal, since it's where all my point to point T1's terminate.

I set it to clock source internal

and set my P2P T1's to clock source line

After making that change, I'm still getting lots of slip seconds.  But I haven't had a chance to hard bounce the routers yet.  I don't know that will make a difference or not.

Does that sound right to everyone?  If they are just providing copper, I should have my T3 set to internal, and all my T1's set to line?

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Errors on Point to Point T1's - 2811 - Timing issue?

If your T3 is functioning ok, then you are getting clocking from the provider. As far as the point to points, assuming a leased line from the telco, they should be timed from the line also.


Errors on Point to Point T1's - 2811 - Timing issue?

Paste the output of

show network-clock

also try to replace the cable from the smart jack till the routers.

input errors and crc are cause of layer one issue , if  Career has alreay tested the line upto the smart jack ,then its recommended to replace cable from smartjack till the router.

as far as the serial line is concerned, there are

19643 input errors, 19638 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored, 487 abort

input errors and CRC are nearly equivalent , then its a layer 1 issue..

you just try to replace cables from smart jack upto the router.

also you can try to use a loopback connecter and check the VWIC2 module.

for creation of loopback you need to take a RJ 45 cable , twist the wire 1,4 and 2,5  ;plug this cable into serial port , set clock as internal and encapsulation hdlc, after that ping your local interface and then check the interface

see if this test go's clean..

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