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How to tftp backup config file automatically ?

Ken Le

Hi Experts,

I have Solarwinds Tool install on the server and would like to know how i can push my backup config file automatically for routers/switches to the TFTP SOlarwind?

I would like to do schedule as well like, every month , 12 midnight , the config will be push over..



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dhananjoy chowdhury


You can automate the config backup

using the archive command .

But this is available only on 12.4 ios.

you can explore more on this.

Here are the options..



Archive configuration commands:

default Set a command to its defaults

exit Exit from archive configuration mode

log Logging commands

maximum maximum number of backup copies

no Negate a command or set its defaults

path path for backups

rollback Rollback parameters

time-period Period of time in minutes to automatically archive the


write-memory Enable automatic backup generation during write memory


Router(config-archive)#path ?

ftp: Write archive on ftp: file system

http: Write archive on http: file system

https: Write archive on https: file system

pram: Write archive on pram: file system

rcp: Write archive on rcp: file system

scp: Write archive on scp: file system

tftp: Write archive on tftp: file system

I have tried doing that, but the config file that is written is only 1kb and does not contain the config. I am trying this on a switch with IOS 12.2, which I know is not the 12.4 listed, but the commands are there and seems like it should work since it is wrting a file. Is there something I am missing?

Do you get the same results when you do upload the config via tftp manually? Have you considered using a tool like CiscoWorks, CatTools, etc... to handle the backups?


My TFTP connection is fine. If I do the "archive config" command it works fine, including the actual config. When I let it do it automatically using the time-period command my config file it transfers is this:

! Last configuration change at 11:16:46 EST Fri Dec 4 2009
! NVRAM config last updated at 11:11:32 EST Fri Dec 4 2009

I'm just trying to figure out what I'm missing with the built in commands that seem like they should do what I want.

Please post your archive config.


I am having this same problem right now, nearly exactly.  Except I am using FTP instead of TFTP.  A few of my switches will do it just fine when I let it do it automatically with the time-period specified.  However, a few of the switches are still outputting the 1kb file mentioned above, rather than the full running-config.  These switches are using the same IOS versions, and it looks like I set everything up the same.  Any suggestions?

Mine is also having the same problem. I tried to do the archive  config setting it to a time-period of 1 minute and also tried to set it  into 10 minutes auto archive but still the problem persist having a 1kb  archived file.

for 1 minute time interval

path scp://user:password@
time-period 1

tried also for 10 minutes interval

path scp://user:password@
time-period 10

I am using OpenSSH as my SCP server. Is there something that I have missed?



Hi All i found the same article on and it was said having a bug


if you've got this bug with the archive feature then maybe you can try a kron job like this:

kron policy-list Backup

cli show run | redirect ftp:////xxx.cfg Note: We can do the copy command because kron doesn't execute interactive commands

kron occurrence Backup_occurence at 01:15 recurring

policy-list Backup



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Thanks for the reply on this thread I already resolved my problem but my kron config is about automatic write because after the equipment saved its config its automatically transferring the startup-config to data server using SCP. I didn't do the ftp transfer due to unsecured transfer of configs.



Can you please help me with the command to get output for multiple show commands in a single text file like show vlan brief, show interface trunk, show ip eigrp neighbor and so on. Thanks.

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