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I have a 4331 router and am trying to install a SM-X-ES3024-P

Level 1
Level 1

Show Inventory shows the card installed. I can't find a doc on configuring this card in a 4331 router. The Doc for 2900/3955 show configuring int g1/0 but I don't have that interface. I found other documentation that stated I need to install S/W for the SM modules to run but can't find any other information.

Has anyone had any experience with these new routers? Can someone provide me with some documentation how to install and configure these routers/modules. I also have 2 NIM-4FXO modules installed.

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Level 1

I had the same question and found the following guides:

the Et1/0/0 and Et1/0/1 interfaces should help you to connect this SM to the 4331 router.

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Level 1

You’ll have to use the documentation as a reference guide, your module might not be located in slot ine, but could be located in slot two instead.

You can verify this with show diag and find the module location there.

When you have located the slot, then you know you interface number:

Remember that the GiX/0 is the out-of-band interface for the SM module, while the GiX/1 is the forwarding interface.


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