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ISDN Connection Issue

Level 3
Level 3

I'm having issues making a connection with my backup ISDN line. I'm enclosing a couple of show commands. I think the bold text might be the issue since I don't see that on any other devices that are working correctly.

Does that indicate an issue with the carrier?

xxx#sh controller bri

BRI unit 4:BRI unit 4 with U interface:

Layer 1 internal state is ACTIVATED

FPGA version = V6

FPGA create  = 09/02/18 24

Layer 1 U interface is ACTIVATED.

    External S/T is DEACTIVATED - Requesting Timing

ISDN Line Information:

    Last C/I from ISDN transceiver:

        AI:Activation Indication

    Last C/I to ISDN transceiver:

        AI:Activation Indication

    Last C/I from ISDN S bus transceiver:

        TIM:Timing Required

    Last C/I to ISDN S bus transceiver:

        DR:Deactivation Request

    Current EOC commands:

        RTN - Return to normal

    Received overhead bits:  AIB=1, UOA=1, FEBE=1, DEA=1, ACT=1

    Errors:  Receive [NEBE]=0, Transmit [FEBE]=0

xxx#sh isdn status

Global ISDN Switchtype = basic-ni

ISDN BRI0/1/0 interface

        dsl 4, interface ISDN Switchtype = basic-ni

    Layer 1 Status:


    Layer 2 Status:

        TEI = 104, Ces = 1, SAPI = 0, State = MULTIPLE_FRAME_ESTABLISHED

        TEI 104, ces = 1, state = 6(not initialized)

            spid1 configured, spid1 sent, spid1 NOT valid

        TEI Not Assigned, ces = 2, state = 1(terminal down)

            spid2 configured, spid2 NOT sent, spid2 NOT valid

    Layer 3 Status:

        0 Active Layer 3 Call(s)

    Active dsl 4 CCBs = 0

    The Free Channel Mask:  0x80000003

    Total Allocated ISDN CCBs = 0

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


on your show isdn status note:-

spid1 configured, spid1 sent, spid1 NOT valid

Have a look at these links you probably have a configuration issue