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LAN Extension with IOS-XE 3.3.3SE

LAN Extension

I am investigating to understand the capabilities and config details for LAN extension.

This is required as it is not easy to change IP addresses on older Apps.

Available H/W and S/W

Site LAN Switch: WS-C3650-48TS with IOS-XE Version 03.03.03SE

Datacentre LAN Switch: Nexus 56128P with System version: 7.1

Some type of overlay over the SPs CEs and MPLS can be considered.


May I request the forum experts to advice on possible options please?

Dean Romanelli


What exactly is it you are trying to extend in your LAN? Are you trying to get two separate physical sites connected to each other, or are you trying to expand the LAN subnet at a common site into a bigger subnet with more addresses?

Hello Dean,


Our VMware servers are currently operating at Site-A (VLAN X, IP Subnet 10.b.c.0/21).

Planning to migrate these VMware servers gradually over to Datacentre-D1 & D2 pair.

Can not change IP addresses and mask on servers.

So the same IP subnet 10.b.c.0/21 should run in all sites under the same network domain.

No change in IP Subnet and possibly no change in VLAN number X.


My main question is about the capability of IOS-XE 3.3.3SE and any upgrades required.

My other request is for sample config for pairing IOS-XE and NX-OS.


Thank you for the response.




So you will have multiple sites visible to each other and you are hoping to use the same subnet at each site?  Do all of the locations have to be able to route to each other?  If so, I don't know of a way that won't cause problems unless you are doing some kind of NATing on the LAN/WAN edge of each location.

As for the switch IOS, I have had problems in the past on IOS-XE 3.3.3SE, but mostly with DHCP. Still, I have come across other evidence that suggests that code is not solid in multiple areas.  I upgraded that code to the gold star release of cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.06.E.152-2.E6 and I've not have any problems since.