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Hi, From the documentation, it is stated that the HUB master should be on a separate router from the border. My question is whether the setup with the master and border on the same router will work. Also, in the current iwan version 2.1 can I have m...

ryan3kip by Level 1
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Hi All,I have devices on our inside LAN ( that are hardcoded to speak to an IP address: Now is being decomissioned, and I want to ensure that when our internal hosts route attempt to route to they are forwarded to...

Hi,What is the purpose of giving ip route------ null 0 command in address like this one ip route Null0I need to clear the concept because in the following thread  it was menti...

Hello, I have CCNP but unfortunately dont have real experiance with BGP. We have some issue in my company.  We have 2 BGP peer with 2 ISP, they advertise to us full BGP table, but because our core router is very old, we dont have enough memory to ha...

Hello All, We have implemented BGP with our 2 ISPs and running conditional advertise-map to switch over. Our end routers are ASR1001. As soon as one ISP goes down, the hold timer of 90 seconds (configured manually) run. After which, BGP waits for so...

According to Router's data sheet, its NAT throughput is 800mbps.Real NAT WAN-->LAN download/upload speed is maximum 170mbps. (Firmware is latest, QoS is off, Internet connection 1 gbps).Whan can i do to increase this speed ? P.S. During load the rou...

admin by Level 1
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Is it possible to assign a single GRE tunnel to two source interfaces? The reason we would want to do this temporarily is to transition our DMVPN public addresses from one IP space to another.

hengsty by Level 1
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Hi all, i have a query regarding load balancing . i have two isp ,  my local user brows it should be go to  ISP1 but when they  brows it should be go to ISP2 kindly guide me.i am using cisco router 3825 

Hi, We have a situation where we have an ASR1002 that terminates DSL services and also forwards some onwards to other routers.  Our requirement is to forward all sessions with realm to another router (routerB) and terminate all sessions w...