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Manually fill arp table - 2651


Hi all,

I just ran across a strange situation -  I was replacing a Pix with an ASA and I couldn't get any traffic to flow to the new firewall from an edge 2651 router. The router was configured for rip on all interfaces (I have no idea why) and also had static routes pointing to the Pix for their external networks. We changed the static routes to point to the ASA but the Pix was still on and connected (running rip as well). I got no traffic to pass to the ASA until I disconnected the pix and turned off rip on the 2651 (I stripped it out of the config). I still can't explain why a static route didn't override the rip routes but at any rate traffic still didn't pass to the ASA. I cleared the ARP inside/outside and still nothing. The company had to manually ping the devices that were being translated by the ASA from the 2651 before everything started working. They said it was a common thing for them to do if they ever lost power on the 2651. The network is directly connected to the 2651 so I'm kind of at a loss. I thought devices filled the arp table almost automatically and I've never heard of having to ping devices before they started working through a firewall. Am I missing something? Anybody ever see this type of thing? Let me know.....


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paolo bevilacqua
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Update IOS and check again.      

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