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NS Record issue !1

Hi all, this is not a typical cisco issue but due to positive feedbacks i am asking it here

We have published our website through a webhosting company, we have 2 links to 2 different ISPs, ISP1 and ISP2. when a user opens this site the nsrecord returns the DNS ip of ISP1. since we know that NS record can contain only 1 A record ( as told by the webhosting company ), we have used the DNS IP of ISP1. now the problem is that when ISP1 goes down users cannot open, coz there is only 1 A record there, so we want it to shift automatically to DNS server of ISP2, is it possible ??


Re: NS Record issue !1

you can put the second dns in the forwarding zone.




Re: NS Record issue !1

sorry but i didnt get it, the ip that our webhosting company returns is the public ip of ISP1 which we have purchased, now they have denied that they cant enter another A record for the same domain ( they said its not possible ) so what is the solution to this problem ?? is there a workaround ?


Re: NS Record issue !1


For DNS, there is only one Master or SOA (Start of Authority) where you can manage records. But you can have multiple Slaves.

As best practice, ISP should have more than one Slave and each DNS (Master or Slaves) is in different network (/24). Master and Slave/s are hosted in different location geographically though it belongs to the same ISP. This means, they have the following redundancy; location, power, internet link, etc..

If your ISP is not using best practice above, you can ask a second ISP to host a Slave DNS for you. i.e.

Master/SOA > ISP1

Slave 1 > ISP1

Slave 2 > ISP2

This way, if ISP1 is down, and the TTL expires on non-authoritative DNS. They can still contact Slave 2 (through ISP 2) for records.




Re: NS Record issue !1

hi dandy, but you see that we are not talking about ISP, we have given webhosting company a public ip taken from ISP1, and asked webhosting company to forward traffic coming to to that ip, now i think ISP1 doesnt have to do anything on its side, what shall we ask webhosting company to do as to when ISP1 goes down it should replace ISP1 ip with ISP2 ip, does webhosting company need its own ISP's help in this ??

i hope you get my confusion


Re: NS Record issue !1

From your original post, it computes to this.

1. Website/webserver host by a webhosting company

2. You mentioned that you have two links to ISP1 and ISP2 but it doesn't say whether this links is use by webhosting company or your website/webserver or your office.

3. ISP1 DNS is hosting your domain forward zone, both Master/SOA and slave. No other ISP hosting it.

Can you clarify the following

1. Who is hosting your website/webserver?

- in your original post you mentioned a webhosting company

2. Thus the website/webserver IP address belongs to the company hosting it, which means they have their own IP block and ASN?

- you did not mentioned this clearly in your original post

3. Who is hosting the domain forward zone?

- in your orginal post you mentioned ISP1 alone

4. Who is connected to ISP1 and ISP2, you or your website/webserver or the webhosting company?

- in your original post you mention that you are the one connected. I presume your office?


Re: NS Record issue !1

I am sorry for the confusion since i am new to this type of scenarios, actually webhosting company is HOSTING or website, it is NOT hosting but they have there Name Server published to internet, we asked them to add entry to their record which contains this ---> IP of ISP1,

And ebanking server is present in our HO which is connected to ISP1 and ISP2,

is there any other confustion so kindly let me know,

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