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routing protocol for VoIP?

The technicians in miy office are trying to install an Avaya ip Telephony solution over a Cisco network, but they are having problems. Just a few calls can get through the cisco routers networks. The network is using IGRP, and i want to know if there is a chance the routing protocol can affect the VoIP??


Hi- First, Avaya VOIP should work with most all routing protocols including IGRP, ( EIGRP, OSPF ).

One issue that sometimes henders VOIP is convergence time.

Are you running STP? Or even RSTP? Although STP has it's advantages, in a VOIP environment the slowness of STP to converge results in calls not getting though. STP in a VOIP setting can also present additional challenges as it can be very hard to trouble shoot.

You do have a coulpe of options if this is in fact the issue.

First, L3 switching with dynamic routes is one.

Another is to contact Avaya. Some vendors have special protocols to replace STPand Avaya is one of those vendors.


Then its posible that Voip works better with a routing protocol with faster convergence time, like ospf or eigrp???.

It is a big network and is already runing with data network, so we cant change any equipment. And because of the sice we cant use static routing.

Yes, it is possible. However, like was mentioned earlier, some vendors, and Avaya is one of them. Have alrernative protocols that you can implement that may reduce convergence time.

Routing is not somthing that changes every minutes, it really depends how big your network is and how your routing is working,

If the routing has not been  set up or is not working properly, yes it could cause a problem,

What I can say is more important is QoS , Do you have Qos configured and in place on all routers/switches and hops?

You might need to make sure how qos tagging and markings are with avaya devices.