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RV315W Block our port110and587

Hi everyone,
this few months the router keeping blocking our company user outlook email all user suddenly fail to send and received the email, outlook just keep pop up the error box Task"" receiving reported error (0X800CCCC0F) . every time I have need to reboot the router after sometime it happened again . some of day 4-5 time ,some of day its fine . its too frequently . i believe is the router blocking the port of "110" and "587" . why i do suspect its cause by the router , is because when the error pop up , we try to use our mobile data to access the internet outlook mail, is success send and received mail , and also we found some of mail we setup as  other port like 995,465 or IMAP port its not effect . We try looking for the router configuration we real no Idea what was blocking the port. our company network layout is very simple, Cisco Router > Cisco management Switch > end user.  and I try to configuration the single port forwarding "TCP > internal Ip address : > external & internal port 110 . but try to using the port checker tools it show Port 110 is closed on 175.XXX.X.XX.  anyone have idea for this to solve our troubled?

Sujoy Paria
Cisco Employee

Hi, You may check the port (110 & 587) status once by connecting the ISP link directly on the PC/Laptop, what is the status showing for those ports via the public IP In case ‘Port-forwarding’ is configured on the RV Router and you are checking the port status (mentioned in forwarding rule) from the LAN of the Router then you may get the ‘closed’ status. It will be better to cross verify the port status by bypassing the Router once.

HI, I guess is the problem for the cisco RV315W router . after we purchase another brand router and use for 3 month the issues was never happen again . just something wrong with this router it keep make our internet droping and the email can't receive mail almost every fewday and more then 1 year to busy restart with it to temporarily solve . we switch it we are fine .



the router is end of sale 2017, the latest firmware release is from 2014 (Release 1.02.02 ). Make sure you are running that latest release (file attached)...