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Nick Cutting

SIP Door release system and CME 9.5

The Door release is a

Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0 ( on the web page it is called a Turbine IP-stationWeb)

All teh documentation is for a call manager, not a call manager express.

I cannot get the door bell button to ring the reception, the button does nothing.

I am sure the Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0 is configureed correctly

here is the confog on the CME:

voice register dn  40

number 4040

voice register pool  8

id mac 0013.CB06.1FF7

number 1 dn 40

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

username 4040 password 4040

Here is the Show output, as you can see it is registered.

Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0

sh voice register pool 8

Pool Tag 8


  Mac address is 0013.CB06.1FF7

  Number list 1 : DN 40

  Proxy Ip address is

  Current Phone load version is Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0

  DTMF Relay is disabled

Call Waiting is enabled

  DnD is disabled

  Video is disabled

  Camera is disabled

  Busy trigger per button value is 0

  keep-conference is enabled

  registration expires timer max is 3600 and min is 1800

  username 4040 password 4040

  Lpcor Type is none

  Transport type is udp

  service-control mechanism is not supported

  registration Call ID is 1544401931@

  Registration method: per line

  Privacy feature is not configured.

  Privacy button is disabled

  active primary line is: 4040

  contact IP address: port 5060

  conference admin: no

  conference add mode: all

  conference drop mode: never

  paging-dn: config 0 [multicast]  effective 0 [multicast]

Dialpeers created:

Dial-peers for Pool 8:

dial-peer voice 40013 voip

destination-pattern 4040$

session target ipv4:

session protocol sipv2

  after-hours-exempt   FALSE         


  Active registrations  : 1

  Total SIP phones registered: 19

  Total Registration Statistics

    Registration requests  : 349

    Registration success   : 349

    Registration failed    : 0

    unRegister requests    : 348

    unRegister success     : 348

    unRegister failed      : 0

    Attempts to register

           after last unregister : 0

    Last register request time   : 08:00:39.549 GMT Tue Dec 24 2013

    Last unregister request time : 08:05:43.406 GMT Tue Dec 24 2013

    Register success time        : 08:00:39.549 GMT Tue Dec 24 2013

    Unregister success time      : 08:05:43.406 GMT Tue Dec 24 2013

The when I call the intercom - it beeps Just once.

Also when pressing the botton on the front - it is set to Dial reception on 6800, but the phone never rings.

Does anyone know of some good debugs to troubleshoot this - or has worked with these two pieces of hardware before?


you managed to successfully register the Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0?

At the exit of their concert shows: Current Phone load version is Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0 where you downloaded this "Zenitel IPSTATION v2.0" file.

I have a CME version 10.0 and I have a similar problem but could not even register the device.

You can send me the output of the show voice register global?