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SM-X-ES3 backplane connectivity on ISR 2911


Hi community,


I got a few questions regarding the EtherSwitch module on ISR 2911


1. For the EtherSwitch module on ISR 2911, is it possible to configure Port-channel on the two backplane ports between the ISR and the ESM?


2. Considering the backplane would barely become faulty, is using SVI or loopback interface a viable option to connect to the ESM (via console from the ISR)?

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Georg Pauwen
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1. you mean convert the internal ports on the router (Gig x/0 and Gig x/1) that are mapped to the correponding ports on the SM to a port channel ? I don't think that is possible.


2. Not sure what you mean by that. You can access the SM either by issuing the 'service-module gigabitethernet x/0 session' command, or by using TELNET (see link below):

Hi @Georg Pauwen ,


Thanks for your reply.


For question 2, what I meant was that: Prior to issuing that command, according to the guide, we need to configure an IP address on the backplane port (e.g. G1/0 before issuing "service-module G1/0 session"). Instead of that, I want to configure an SVI or loopback on the router:

- For the SVI method, I could configure G1/0 and G1/1 as switchport mode trunk

- For loopback method, I could configure ip unnumbered lo0 on G1/0 and G1/1


Then I guess I would be able to issue service-module G1/0 (or G1/1) session. In case one backplane port has hardware problem, I can still access via the other one (since ISR G2 are EoS iirc). The ESM is used for aggregating all external connection (as a L2 switch), and connect them back to router via backplane, so I don't want any in-band management IP/routing on the switch.



I guess that should work, as long as  you somehow reference the IP address on the Gigabit Ethernet interface connected to the SM (either by using 'ip unnumbered' or the SVI). 

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