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Hi There,I saw some discussions about same issue, but didn't find a final solution. I have DMVPN connection between head office and branches. Everything works fine, branches receiving routes via DMVPN and OSPF, but when i try to route all traffic to ...

sergo777 by Beginner
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Hello, I have a problem with my Cisco RV110W router. When I use it in gateway mode through PPPoE, it limit my internet speed to 50Mbps.I have internet connection thought PPPoE from my ISP up to 100Mbps, and if I put lan cable directly to lan card in ...

deviceai1 by Beginner
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Hi, i am investigating some issues on an existing network topology and i have some questions related to the topology.Can someone please support me to understand the concept ? See below some informations: we have 2 catalystics routers connected from 3...

Hello,I have a PBX Asterisk server, which is behind NAT, a Cisco 1921 router.I want to forward multiple ports to it but I found that it is not as easy as in linux using iptables.I thought this command would be appropriate:ip nat inside source static ...

Hi! I have a problem with eigrp and dmvpn. I have a router used as hub for dmvpn. It has a /24 mask on the tunnel interface, but due to continuosly increasing network, I need to make the mask /22. So I prepared some new spokes. So at first I had 1.1....

I have a Cisco ISR 1111 with a public IP address. I have dozens of micro sites setup like this but it's got me stumped. Based on sanitized debug attached - you can see SSH SYN comes to the router, the router processes that and sends the reply traffic...

Hey all, I've been stumped on this issue for a while now. We implemented a VPN with our Cisco 1941 router with AnyConnect, but the speeds are far from functional: 350kbps to 1.7mbps. Sometimes the connection just dips out and a re-connect is needed. ...

R4L by Beginner
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