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Test TCP and UDP port 0 with Static NAT configured



I have my router configured with a Static NAT command, where a LAN client, configured with a private IP address, is reachable from an internet client through a Public IP address, as is tipical for a web server.

I wanted know if is possibile to launch a session, TCP or UDP, from an internet client to the public IP address of the configured Static NAT command, in way to reach the Private IP address of the LAN client, using the destination port 0, or if this destination port 0 is not usable for a test.




paolo bevilacqua
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TCP/UDP port 0 is reserved according to IETF standards.

Consequently, cannot be used by Internet applications.


I know that the TCP and UDP port is reserved by IETF standards and is not possible use the port in Internet application.

My request is for to know what has to append if starting a TCP and UDP session through the 0 port  is normal that the router that make STATIC NAT translation make the translation of the port 0 possible or if the translation has to be not possible by the router.



What matters? Port 0 cannot be used, and how the router behaves in this regard, is of no practical interest.

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