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Unable to ping internal subnet ip addresses from spoke. Crypto ISAKMP & EIGRP tunnel formed

Faisal syed
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Level 1

We are in the process of implementing DMVPN hub and spoke solution. 

We have configured a hub and are now trying to connect a remote spoke between client’s remote locations.  The client has a Verizon router in front of the spoke.  Somehow I am not able to ping the hub's internal network.  I am able to ping hub's internal interface.  EIGRP neighbor adjacency between hub and spoke is there.  I checked Crypto ISAKMP is there.  I can see all the internal routes of the hub on the spoke.  On the other hand, when I connected the spoke from my home network to the hub, just for testing purposes, everything is working fine.  When I took the spoke to the remote location and plugged it in front of the Verison DSL modem and router,   I don't know why I am not able to ping internal network.  I suspect that Verison has blocked VPN ports.  Any ideas?



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Level 3

Hi Faizal,

Are you NAT'ing on the ADSL routers for VPN ports for the DMVPN Spokes? Or do you have a routed public IP configured on the DMVPN spoke?


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No I am getting spoke external interface ip from verison modem+router . Which is 192.168.1.X. I put this ip address to the DMZ zone that won't fix the problem either.

Hello Fasal,

can you post your config - especially your crypto stuff.

Are you using crypto maps or VTI ( tunnel protection)
Can you test if you  have connection when you take off the ipsec config so basically then your not encrypting the traffic

( require both sides )

if crypto maps is the network to be encrypted specified?



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