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Move devices to new vmanage


how can i move devices to new vmanage?

new vmanage in another data center with different ip, vSmart and vBond instances are already installed and working in the same data center

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No. Different IPs

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hi Fractal90 -

One way to move the device(s), is by configuring manually the new vBond (IP/DNS) address on the edge device.
This assumes the same ORG Name. It ORGNAME is different, need to update the ORGNAME too, to match the updated one.
Once done, this will tear down the existing control connection(s) and will establish a new control to the new set.

Hope it helps.

To add more to earlier note:
Once confirmed that the Edge device is able to establish control with new set and everything working, you can decommission the relevant serial / chassis-id from the current (old) vManage.
This can be done at the last too, once all the devices are migrated.


hmm, both of my vbonds have the same dns name (round robin works), will it be possible to make a backup on the old vmanage and transfer it to the new one? so that the templates appear on the new

Well the BP (best practice) is to have a separate set of IPs for controllers, when moving it to this new controllers.

It was the recomendation from cisco ingeener for vBond, both of vBond has different ip addresses and the same dns name. 

It is not clean in migration. It is easier to have a different set of IPs, so it becomes easy to troubleshoot when there is an issue.

You mean, vBond must has different name? Is it possible to make two vBond names for cEdge and vEdge?


we did HA vSmart and HA vBond which placed in different data centres and now we would like move config to new vManage to test when one of the data centers won't work 



No. Different IPs

all virtual machines already have different ip, it's just that the vBond has the same dns name, because i can't configure two vbonds name in config edge


we want to work out the situation when one DC falls or is unavailable, for these purposes we need to learn how to transfer the configuration to another vmanage with a different ip

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