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when attaching a device template error: cannot delete eth0


Trying to attach device template which has some basic feature configuration like vpn0 interface configuration and ospf...   when attaching the template it is giving a failure message saying that

"Error Message - /vpn/vpn-instance: Cannot delete eth0 interface from management vpn (512)"


I tried creating a device template without vpn512 but not able to since the option is there always....



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Sorry Team, my mistake...its working now...





how you fix this? i have the same problem... i got a vedge with a basic config and always receive the same error after create a new device template


vedge config:


vpn 512
interface eth0
ip address
no shutdown
ip route

Problem solve ignore my comment plz

Can you share the resolution?  I am also having the same issue..

Hi rafael5, 


How did you solve this issue ? 

I have the same problem 


Best regards 


Create a new template for VPN 512 and Interface eth0 then call these template in Device template 

"Transport & Management VPN" to add the interface template click on right side option to VPN Interface 

It will solve the the issue.

Deepak Kumar

Eth0 is reserved for VPN512 as out of band management. so on many devices, you can't remove it.

Deepak Kumar,
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Ibrahim Ramku

I ran into this thread while testing some templates, so here is what works:


While you can't remove the eth0, you just need to add another feature template of type "VPN Interface Ethernet" for eth0. Just keep all values in the template as default and fill in the mandatory ones, like Template Name, Description and Interface Name which should be exactly "eth0".


Then in the Device Template you have to add a VPN interface under the "Transport & Management VPN" section and VPN512. You can keep the VPN template default and set the VPN Interface to the newly created Feature Template for eth0. 


I hope this helps others running into this thread, as I suppose you have already solved your issue.


Best Regards,

Ibrahim Ramku

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