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Self-Service Onboarding - Customizing the Portal: Using Dashboards and Smart Reports

Dashboards Within the left navigation panel (LNP), under Dashboards, you will find various pre-defined dashboard views such as Admin, Alert Management, Contract Management, Inventory Management and the Smart Net Total Care dashboard. The names are an indication of what you would expect to see in each dashboard. For example: Contract Management dashboard contains information summarizing contract and service coverage information related to your inventory Inventory Management dashboard contains information related to the types of devices in your inventory and the sources of those devices Admin dashboard has information related to administrative elements, such as the users associated with your company who have access to the portal Smart Net Total Care dashboard is a collection of high level information including inventory, alerts and service coverage Add dashlets/reports: fill up your new dashboard space with the reports you want Rename: change an existing dashboards name to a new name of your choice Delete a dashboard: you can delete a dashboard that you have created Save As: save your newly created dashboard so it’s there for you next time you access the portal. You can also use this option to save an existing, pre-loaded, dashboard into a new one so that you can gain all of the above editing functions to personalize to your liking. Choose the layout of your new dashboard: 1, 2 or 3 columns Note: the Dashboard settings button will be available anytime a dashboard is open. Add Dashlets/Reports to Your New Dashboards You will have several options when adding dashlets to your new dashboards so you can create very specific dashboards. Below is a sample of the dashlets available to you by clicking on Alerts. Note that each of the seven dashlet titles will give you several options.