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Test Your Security Knowledge with the Operation Security ParaShoot Game


No companies or organizations are immune to attacks and data breaches. The question now is what you can do to help discover and protect against these attacks, and how you can help minimize the event.

Security education is everyone’s responsibility. Do you think that you are ready to take up the challenge? Here’s an opportunity to test your knowledge.

Two months ago, at Cisco Live San Diego, we released a security game titled “Operation Security ParaShoot.” This game combines intense mental challenges with demanding physical activities to create a fun environment for players to test their security industry knowledge and their gaming skills.

The game got off to a great start. As you can see from the photo below, players lined up all day long to play the game.

cisco live parashoot.png

I have some great news for you. This game is now available online. You can play this game anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Just point your browser to

Here are some tips to help you earn a high score and land yourself on the game leaderboard.

1. Close your email. Turn off your instant chat. Put away you mobile devices. You are going to start a fun journey, and you don’t want any distractions. Focus your attention. Otherwise you may not achieve the best you can.

2. Use a Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop. The game is optimized for this browser. Other browsers may or may not work. You will get the best game experience when you use a Chrome browser with sound.

3. You’ll see blue parachutes (called objects) coming down. Each one of them carries a short description and your goal is to match the objects with the correct landing targets (called categories). Once in a while, you’ll see a green parachute and that’ll be a bonus object. It carries extra points if you match it with the correct category. Make sure to capture these bonus points!
4. The game has 16 levels. It begins gradually to give you a comfortable start, and it’ll pick up the pace as you move to higher levels. Keep your cool as you advance to higher levels – you’ll need to think fast and act fast.

5. When a new level begins, parachutes will start coming down immediately. However, it’ll take a few seconds before you see the descriptions. Use this time efficiently to take a look at the landing targets on the bottom of your screen. Now you know your categories, and you are ready to play the parachutes as they come down.

6. When your game is over, you’ll see that you have played a high scoring game if your score is among the top 5, which is displayed for everyone to see. Or you can check the overall game leaderboard to see if you have earned yourself a spot.

7. Brush up on your security vocabulary. Read the Cisco security pages. You may find the following info especially helpful:

Here are also a few more pointers if you like to watch videos:

Network as a Sensor video:

Network as an Enforcer video:

Enjoy your game and share it with your peers and social media friends. If you have a lot of security talent and if you are an avid gamer, you’ll do very well. I can also assure you that even if you don’t get a high score to begin with, you’ll do better and better when you play more. Don’t wait and start your game now.

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